DeVotchKa - How It Ends

I want to share this with you from the beggining..perhaps now is the right time...maybe the most emotional and beautiful and also most depressing indie song I've heard..band is called DeVotchKa and they are playing indie rock music with elements of russian and other eastern european folk songs..they made a sountrack for beautiful movie ''Little Miss Sunshine''..this song hasn't got an official video so I tried to pick best fan made video to present you this song..if you don't like video games forget about the video just listen to the song:))..and enjoy the experience..DeVotchKa...

live footage of this amazing band will appear here on your request..use the shoutbox;)

Editors-The Racing Rats Video

brilliant new video from editors..piece of art..enjoy..

Band Of Hoses - Cease To Begin

Brand new Band Of Horses album is just great..beautiful, chill-out songs that make me happy in a melancholic way:)..if you want more serious review check here :) Or just give this album a chance and you'll not regret it...

Let's say 8/10!

more about the band here ....

Editors - An End Has A Start

I got this album from a friend two weeks ago, but I haven't listen to it until now. Editors are indie rock bend with male vocal who is very much like vocal of Interpol which is why some people think of Editors as a copy of Interpol. But..that is not my opinion. I must say that I like this band, and although they are not exactly bringing something new, their songs are easy to listen and enjoy...my favourite is Smokers outside the hospital door( btw great title).Will you learn to love Editors it is up to you, but they certanly deserve a try..I'll look for the first album too..

They earned 6.5/10 !

...more about Editors here

...Smokers.. video:

for all indie Donnie Darko lovers:)

great video: Bat For Lashes - What A Girl To Do..review soon:)

The National - Boxer

I must say that this is one of my favourite bands. They latest album Boxer is, like the one before, real masterpiece imho..It' been out for some time, I know, but I just want to recommend it to everyone who likes great music, especially rough male vocals..( hint: Nick Cave:))..songwriting is superb on this album and songs are very melodic..this album has almost no mistake made, but if I had to say something I must confess that on Aligator there was more variety of the songs which is why lots of people prefer Aligator..it is up to you to decide..in the end, again great album for The National..can't wait to see them live again:)

p.s. I know review was a bit unproffesional, but I can't help myself:))

I gave them 10/10!

New Radiohead album cheap:))

Radiohead has stunned the music world by announcing that its forthcoming album In Raibows will make its debut as a digital download available for whatever individual consumers want to pay for it.
Guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced on the band's website late Sunday night that the new album In Rainbows has been completed and would be released Oct. 10 online.

When pre-ordering the album through the website, the checkout screen returns the message: "It's up to you."

A subsequent message adds: "No really, it's up to you."

A physical version of the band's seventh album — a special edition featuring two discs as well as lyrics and artwork — will follow in December.

Awesome!! Check it here