New album from Bloc Party!!

bloc party intimacy

bloc party

Big news: Bloc Party released their third album online and it's called Intimacy!

Album is not yet released in old-fashioned way, but it is available;) so I listened to it, and decided to share my impressions with you:)

This album is slightly different form the other two. It is, as the title is saying, more intimate and more melodic. Lyrics are very personal..about past relationships, ex girlfriends, dead girlfriends etc. :)

I must say that I didn't like the material at first hearing, but it takes some time and then it definitely grow on you. My personal favorites on album are Zephyrus, Biko, and Talons. Zephyrus has a minimal beat and a heavenly female vocals in backgrounds, and Biko has great lyrics ( if I could eat your cancer I would, but I can't..) Talons is just so powerful and, along with Mercury and Trojan Horse, best for the dance floor.(You can see the video for Talons on the video bar-to the right)Oh yes, I forgot: One Month Of is a blast, you'll be blown away;)

So, like I said, this album is quite different, some of you will like it, some of you will not. Definitely worth downloading:) Enjoy!

Intimacy has earned 8.5/10!


Red said...

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Watch Music Videos said...

I recently heard about Bloc Party from one of my friends. They have a GREAT sound! Check out their myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/blocparty

specks said...

Found your site from Alkatraz Red.

Love the bloc party. Their last album changed my life.

I heard the new single a while back...and you're right. The new materials definitely takes some time to grow on you.

dig the blog.

Jimmy said...

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FireFly said...

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