TV On The Radio - Dear Science

tv on the radio dear science

I know it's a bit late but it would be a shame not to mention this great album. TV On The Radio is in a way similar to Bloc Party, but their music is more complex and experimental. Every song is different in a way, they are combining electronic beats with guitar riffs, and perhaps even some jazz/acid jazz elements in their songs. It takes some time to grow on you, but you'll feel the quality right away:) Some of the songs like Halfway home, Red Dress and Shout me out will definetly make you dance:) Check this album and enjoy it!

p.s. if you haven't got it yet, and you like this one, listen to their previous album Return To Cookie Mountain, it is also a great album..

This one got 9.1/10;)


E.K. Wimmer said...

I love this album also!

FireFly said...

This is such a cool album check this review! http://www.indiearto.com/2009/09/tv-on-radio-dear-science.html

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