Fever Ray - Fever Ray

I got back to the minimalism for a while..let me know if you prefer this look;)

Anyway..The Knife's female vocalist has recorded her solo album. This is a very good news, because we all know how talented and skillful is this woman.

The woman I'm talking about is Karin Dreijer Andersson , and the project and album are named Fever Ray.

Fever Ray is, much like every great solo project, a bit different from The Knife recordings. This album is personal, quiet and very enjoyable I must say. Karin's vocals are soft, but recognizable. They reminded me of Bjork in some songs...in a good way. From the first magnificent track If I Had A Heart to the last one we can enjoy in wonderful minimal arrangements and quiet story that takes place between Karin and male vocalist.

To make it easier for you: The comparison between this album and The Knife albums is like comparing last Golfrapp record with their earlier work.

This album takes a lot of listening to get into, but it rewards the listener with unique ambiental sound. So we can just relax all our senses and feel this amazing piece of indie music.

Fever Ray got 9/10!

fever ray homepage ( I highly recommend you to read the biography)


FireFly said...

hey i love this band, check my album review and this crazy acceptance of a reward. CD Review: http://www.indiearto.com/2009/11/fever-ray-fever-ray.html and crazy lady: http://www.indiearto.com/2010/01/fever-ray-at-nme-awards-brilliantly.html

clairelontis said...

Best album of last year.. Fever Ray is incredible

Anonymous said...


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