White Lies - To Lose My Life

I'm back! :) There is a lot of going on these days around new british band White Lies. I hope this isn't another band glorified by british media without any reason...so far so good:) Their first album To Lose My Life is out and it's quite good. Their music is typically british new wave with influences from Joy Division, but they added lots of rythm, so on this album they sound lot like Interpol and Editors. If you like those two bands you won't be dissapointed.
First single and opening track '' Death '' shows us what we can expect from this band: nice beat, atmospherical vocals and catchy lyrics. Second single and title track '' To Lose my Life '' takes us fully into the White Lies story and gives us something we''ll enjoy listen and dance to.
This band doesn't give anything new to the scene, but they do very well in creating that typical new wave/post-punk atmosphere, and they are easy to listen to. So..nothing original, but nice start, I'm looking forward to the next album. Interpol fans: this is definitely must have new album:)

White Lies got 7/10 !

- white lies official site


James said...

Hey, nice thoughts.

I agree that I hope the media doesn't over-glorify them as such. They're paying them a lot of attention which I think they deserve, I just hope they don't get overplayed. Definately nothing original but a great sound in my opinion. Check out my review on my blog.

Sound of the Blue Heart said...

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