Crystal Castles + Robert Smith = perfection!

Hello again..before my new TOP 20 I just like to share with you one of the greatest things that happened to indie music scene in a while (maybe too dramatic, but wth:), a collaboration between Crystal Castles and Robert Smith from The Cure. They did an alternate version of Not In Love. Robert's voice is fitting perfectly to this song and I really hope he will continue to participate in projects like this. The song will be released officially on 06/12/2010 as a digital release.

No more talk, enjoy the song.


Maddie said...

It's definitely a weird one; I'd have never pictured them collaborating with Smith. Oddly enough though, it works.

slow-show said...

Yeah, maybe weird if that was on CC initiative, but Smith and Cure have some songs that are really close to atmosphere that CC are creating in their work so maybe not so weird for Smith after all:) However it turned out very good in the end. Cheers! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

This song is really great! Thanks for sharing!

Just came across your blog!


little boy entertainer said...

nice work

Anonymous said...


GO TO THIS SONG this guy is so good.

Marcel Waigand said...

nice taste in music ;)

i also introduced that song on my blog :)

Heart-Sick said...

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Kayla Pitcher said...

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Paula Millers said...

thanks for shared, this song is really great !!

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